What kinds of pain relief treatments are available for hemorrhoid surgery?

Content provided by Dr. Sing-Ong, Lee, Director of Department of Anesthesiology, Hsinchu Cathay General Hospital

Some common ways that anesthesiologists treat pain include "patient controlled pain relief" and "peripheral nerve blocks," but these pain relief treatment methods are typically used for major surgeries such as cesarean section, open heart surgery, joint replacement surgery, etc…


不過現在麻醉科有一個新藥,是由台灣所研發,This drug’s pain relief effects last for up to seven days. The phase III clinical trial of this drug was conducted with patients undergoing hemorrhoid surgery.,剛好此藥的三期臨床試驗也是用在痔瘡手術,對痔瘡術後的患者來說會是一個不錯的新選擇。